What is Double Dot?

After buildings apps for several companies around the world since 2010, I now offer my services as a freelance iOS developer and expert. Trained as an engineer and passionate about design, I am very detail-oriented while always thinking about the experience as a whole. By focusing exclusively on iOS (Swift and Objective-C), I can provide a more finely tuned expertise, dedicated to create the best user experience on apple devices.

What does Double Dot can provide?

Everything involving development on iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad, iWatch…) as well as consulting and support through every step of the way, from the concept and UX, all the way to the App Store. Plus, as a former product manager and team leader, I can provide organizational support to put a project back on track.

Well, what about Android ?

Should you require additional Android (or Web, Design…) resources for your project, I have carefully selected partners on these aspects to work with us. Everything is transparent to you, so you know exactly who you are working with.


Here some of the many happy clients I helped bringing their iOS app and their concept to the world.